One of Wiltshire Council’s key priorities is supporting the local economy and part of this strategy is its commitment to improving access to Superfast Broadband throughout the county.  The Council awarded a contract to British Telecom in January 2013 to ensure that by March 2016 91% of all premises in the area will have access to superfast broadband, an investment as part of the Great Western Broadband Programme of over £35.6 million.

Important contacts

Economic Development

Alistair Cunningham, Director of Economy and Enterprise
Tel: 01722 434390
Email: alistair.cunningham@wiltshire.gov.uk

Invest in Wiltshire

Sam Wiaczek
Economic Development
Tel: 01225 718698
Email: relocation@wiltshire.gov.uk
Web: www.investinwiltshire.org.uk


Andrew Bidwell
Wiltshire Council planning department
Tel: 01722 434381
Email: andrew.bidwell@wiltshire.gov.uk