Bladehenge unveiled

March 11, 2013

THE sixth and final sculpture in a series of public art has been installed in Amesbury.

The award-winning series of sculptures at Solstice Park was inspired by aspects of the natural landscape and heritage of Wiltshire and created by sculptor Charlotte Moreton, with teams of apprentices from the QinetiQ Apprentice Training School at Boscombe Down.

And this morning, the final work, Bladehenge, was officially unveiled with the help of MP John Glen, TV’s Phill Harding and QinetiQ managing director Gaz Borland at the Holiday Inn, Solstice Park.


The project – the result of collaboration between Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival, QinetiQ at Boscombe Down, Holiday Inn Amesbury and Solstice Park – aims to provide a lasting arts legacy for the local community and for visitors to Wiltshire.

The six-year project has also worked with hundreds of children in local schools and been supported by local businesses.

Bladehenge is inspired by characteristic forms from the aviation industry, and by the most iconic feature of the Wiltshire landscape – Stonehenge. Three twisting steel monoliths recall the blades of an aeroplane propeller or turbine as well as the ancient stones of the World Heritage site.